Eat old, sprouting garlic for heart health

Want heart health benefits? Eat aged garlic. ‘Sprouted’ garlic — old garlic bulbs with bright green shoots emerging from the cloves — is considered to be past its prime and usually ends up in the garbage can. But scientists report that this type of garlic has even more heart-healthy antioxidant activity than its fresher counterparts….

Kind Thought Of The Day – Unknown

I love this saying.  One of the kindness things we can do for ourselves is to focus on what we know to be true.  We don’t have to convince anyone else.  If people choose to Source: Kind Thought Of The Day – Unknown

How to handle a mistake!

Did you drink to much? Did you eat to much? Here is how to handle a mistake. What do you think? Do you agree? To me, admitting it is key.. via How to handle a mistake.. — The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

You need less exercise when young

If you’re an older adult, a 30-minute workout may not be as effective, even at the cellular level, as it was when you were younger. According to a new study, age may play a significant role in a cell’s ability to respond to that activity. Tinna Traustadóttir of Northern Arizona University led the study, which…

Mediterranean diet best for a healthy heart

As per a study in Harvard School of Public Health, the Mediteranean diet reduces risk of heart disease. “Our study adds more evidence showing the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, even after adjusting for exercise and body weight,” said Stefanos Kales, associate professor in the Department of Environmental Health at HSPH and chief of occupational and…

Eat out, stay healthy

On a diet? Want to eat out? Always in a dilemma? If you have a health condition like type 2 diabetes, heart risk factors like hypertension, high cholesterol or obesity, or you’re just simply watching your weight, you can still eat out! Below are a few gems of wisdom: Eat a bit before you go….